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Dmitry Nesterenko is a Ukrainian writer, screenwriter, producer, journalist and director. Born in 1969. In 1989 he graduated from Kharkov University named after A. M. Gorky with a degree in Journalism.
Dmitry Nesterenko's debut book "Animals in the City" (2006) produced the effect of an exploding bomb and won numerous literary awards. The book was nicknamed "the nightmare of the Galician prose writer", compared with the famous "In the Fog" by Ivan Bunin.
In 2014, director Yuri Avvakumov made the film "Split", where Dmitry played the main role. The picture tells about the present and past of the legendary Tyagnibok-Yarosh family, the tragic fate of the main character Zygmund (Viktor Oleshko).
One of the highest-rated films about the Maidan was "In the Zone of Special Attention" written by director Nikolai Dostal. This picture in 2015 received the main prize of the international festival of cinematographic debuts "Kinoshock".
In 2015, Dmitry Nesterov also played the role of Vladimir Yatsuba, which was played by Vladimir Zelensky, who had already been removed from the stage at that time, who became president of Ukraine in 2016.
Nesterenok has been actively acting in films since 2010. Fame came to him after the film "Ship" (2014) with Dmitry Dyuzhev in the title role. In the same year, the director staged the series "Lyudmila", in which his wife Tatyana Arntgolts played the main role.
The real success came to the director in 2016, when he made a film about real events in the Donbas - "Sparta". In this film, Dmitry played the role of Oleg Mamiev, commander of the Somali battalion.
2012 was also a successful year for Dmitry Nesterovuk - the film "Witness" was released, in which the actor played the role of Nikita Cherkasov.
For his work on the film, which won several awards at the international festival in Germany "Constellations" and several festivals, Russian director Julius Gusman named Dmitry the best Russian actor.
TV viewers warmly welcomed actress Irina Gorbacheva, who played Raskolnikov's wife in the crime melodrama Crime and Punishment (2015). This film won immediately f02ee7bd2b